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1 .  Who can register and become a member?

Any IATA , Non IATA , travel professional, hotel travel desk, Railway or road booking office, internet café can become a member .

2 .  Cost and fees of membership - registration?

Member registration is mentioned on registeration page.

3 .  Can membership be denied?

Hotelandpackagesbooking.com reserves the right to choose its members.

4 .  How do I register and become a online agent?

Click on "register now" option on the website and within 48 working hours, you will receive a unique login ID and password.

5 .  Can I start buying or selling as soon as I register?

Yes, you can by debit from cash deposit amount (trading amount) made at any one of our bank account or on credit card.

6 .  How do I modify company or personal information?

You can on agents control panel

7 .  Can I control the user name in my company?

Yes you can assign each user your unique user name and password to hold each user responsible for the transaction.

8 .  What can be the User name?

User name has to be the member e-mail address.

9 .  What can be the password?

Member can use 8 digit unique Alfa Numeric passwords.

10 .  Can I change my User Name and Password?

Each User Name has unique identity, and identified by unique email address of the agent and has his own password. The user name cannot be changed. The password can be change from the Company tab, once you login in the travel portal.

11 .  I forgot my password, what should I do?

Just send mail to us and tell them the details of your agency and we will reset the password.


12 .  I'm trying to login but I get a message saying "Unable to Login, Agent Id/Password Invalid"?

There can be two reasons:-The Agent Id (Your mobile/email id) entered is invalid or incorrect. Check your agent id or contact our help desk to verify.-In case the password is invalid please contact our help desk to reset.

13 .  How do I apply for any group bookings?

Group bookings for groups of 10-15 or more please send us the details of your booking at mail@Hotelandpackagesbooking.com or call our help desk.

14 .  Can I hold International airline booking?

Yes you can hold booking on time limit, and E-tickets will be issue on your request and payment.

15 .  Can I change the reservations?

Yes you can, Request change under the Ticket queue on the respective PNR. Or call our services centre, reissue and flight change penalty apply.

16 .  What are the cancellation charges?

Cancellation charges depend on the airline, sector, class of booking, time of cancellation, hotel rules and travel agents rules and regulations.

17 .  Can I add my own mark up for flights bookings?

Yes you can own mark up in the agent control profile panel for domestic and international flight bookings

18 .  Can I add my own service fee?

Yes, you can add your own service fee in the agent control profile

19 .  What are modes of Payments on- line or off- line?

Payment can be made, by cash, cheque, bank draft or by on line bank transfer.

20 .  Can we buy on line on credit card.

Yes, you can by all product on credit card with CC transition fee

21 .  Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

CC Transactions on Hotelandpackagesbooking.com are very safe as we employ the best-in-class security and the transactions done through Hotelandpackagesbooking.com are secure.


22 .  What Security system is use by Hotelandpackagesbooking.com ?

Hotelandpackagesbooking uses SSL Data encryption system to ensure that the information exchanged with Hotelandpackagesbooking.com is never transmitted unencrypted thus protecting the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals. The encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption.
Credit card information is processed over secure 3 D gateways which are certified by the credit card issuing authority.

23 .  How do I check my credit balance?

Your credit balance is available on the agent page or on account summery after you have logged in with a user name and password.

24 .  How do I see my account and transitions?

Your account detail and detail of each transaction, and detail are available on- line in your account profile, after you have logged in ,with a user name and password.

25 .  How do I receive credit for refunds?

All refunds processed are credit to your account.

26 .  What is TDS?

TDS ( Tax Deduucted at Source) is applicable to Indian Companies paying in India , Commissions and incentives paid to an agent.

27 .  What is ST (Service tax) ?

This is tax applicable by Government of India on goods & services sold and serviced in India.


28 .  Settlement of Insurance claims?

In Case of any claims same have to applied by the insured directly with insurance company with any involvement or liability or responsibility of Hotelandpackagesbooking.com

29 .  What is the Search Abuse Control Mechanism on Hotelandpackagesbooking website?

We have built an automatic search abuse control mechanism where in the system would automatically block you if your search to book ratio increases beyond a particular limit. You are therefore advised to maintain a healthy search to book ratio.

30 .  Data copy rights

All data information designs and system are copy right !

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