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Vrindavan : Overview
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Area Size :  N/A Sq. Km.   Population :  N/A Millions.  
Popular Languages :  Hindi and Brij   
Vrindvan Temple > Vrindavan


Vrindavan holds a place of special importance in the history of Indian culture and is particularly of great importance in the evolution of Hindu philosophy and mythological legend. Associated with Lord Krishna, the place holds a place of pride in shaping the socio-cultural and political doctrine that India followed. Today the place is one of the finest tourist spots in the world and is fascinatingly beautiful. The city has an area that is a little more than a couple of kilometer. Vrindavan is very well connected by road and rail and the communication from Delhi and Agra to the city of Vrindavan is extremely good.

Just 15 km away from Mathura, this city of Vrindavan has evolved as a major pilgrimage spot for the Hindus as well as people from all over the world who come here to understand the Hindu philosophy and spirituality. The name in itself evokes the playful nature of Lord Krishna as it is said that he spent his childhood days here. It was his frolic and is courtship with Radha that has become nothing short of a legend.


Today he place is famous for more than just a legend or folklore. Vrindavan has some of the finest temples in India and you would be surely awestruck to see the beauty of this wonderful pieces of architecture. The Madan Mohan Temple is the oldest surviving temple in the city. It has its association with Saint Chaitanya. During the rule of Aurangzeb, the temple was considered to be under threat of Mughal intolerance and the idol of Lord Madan Mohan was shifted to Rajasthan. Today the replica of the idol is worshipped in the temple.


The other famous temples in the city of Vrindavan is the Banke-Bihari Temple and Radha Vallabh temple. Shahji Temple too draws a lot of attention. Shahji Temple is famous for its architectural splendor and the beautiful pillar halls are simply amazing. Not far away from the city of Delhi, Vrindavan offers a fine getaway for a day or two in a beautiful atmosphere of spiritual blessedness.



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