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Kumarakom : Overview
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Area Size :  51.67 Sq. Km.   Population :  0.0022 Millions.  
Popular Languages :  Malayalam, English  
Kumarakom Houseboat > Kumarakom

Found in the popular state of Kerala, Kumarakom is a beautiful, tropical location that is in India. This cluster of small picturesque islands is clustered around the remarkable Vembanad Lake. The landscape makes this a perfect place to not only visit, but also to explore in depth. 

This small town was established by the Indian government as a part of a special preservation effort. Since preservation is the predominant goal around this area, the landscape remains impressive and pristine. An abundance of breathtaking views abound in this location. The soil found in Kumarakom is especially fertile, so impressive paddy fields, mangrove forests, and coconut groves can be found throughout the small islands. The lush greenery is an amazing sight and is soothing to the soul. It is so beautiful that this cluster of islands is an especially popular destination for honeymooners.

Thousands of migratory birds flock to this area every year. Numerous people travel to Kumarakom with the strong desire to witness the sight of so many remarkable birds all in one location. 

This beautiful city has numerous small fishing skiffs throughout the town. With both salt water and fresh water surrounding Kumarakom, it makes sense that there are numerous varieties of fish that are fit for consumption that can be found there. Excellent marine and freshwater fish including tasty karimeen (also known as pearl spotted fish), shrimp, and prawns are available in the area. 


September to February

Reaching Kumarakom by railways: If you're planning a trip to Kumarakom by railways then it is quiet easy to reach the place safely and comfortably. There are numerous trains through which you can reach Kumarakom. The nearest railway station from Kumarakom is of Kottayam. This is a major railway station which is well linked with numerous trains within the country. It is a major stop thus; you can easily reach Kumarakom by boarding a train which passes from Kottayam. Kottayam is at a distance of just 16 Kms from the city center.

Reach Kumarakom by airways: A convenient option to reach Kumarakom is by boarding flight which connect to Trivandrum or to Kochi. These are the two international airports which are close to Kumarakom. The distance of Kochi airport from Kumarakom is about 70 Kms which Trivandrum is a bit far i.e. around 171 Kms from the city center. After reaching the either of the airport, one have easy options of public transport like buses and taxis connecting to Kumarakom.

Reach Kumarakom by roadways: Reaching Kumarakom by road is also an easy option available at the end of tourist who is planning a trip to the city. Kerala is quiet famous for a smooth and well linked network of roads. One can easily connect to Kumarakom via Kottayam as it is just at a distance of 16 Kms from the city center. So all one needs to do is board a train to Kottayam and from there one can easily enjoy a ride to city via smooth road networks of Kerala.

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