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Bhubaneswar : Overview
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Area Size :  1035 Sq. Km.   Population :  0.647 Millions.  
Popular Languages :  Oriya, Hindi, English  
Bhubaneswar > Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Orissa. Once the capital of ancient Kalinga, the city has a long history of 3000 years and is today a center of economic and religious importance. Historically Bhubaneswar has been known by different names such as Toshali, Kalinga Nagari, Nagar Kalinga, Ekamra Kanan, Ekamra Khetra and Mandira Malinya Nagari.The modern city of Bhubaneswar was designed by the German architect Otto Königsberger in 1946. It became the political capital of the state of Orissa in 1948, a year after India gained its independence from Britain. Before Bhubaneswar, Cuttack was the capital of Orissa until 1947. Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are together known as the "twin cities" of Orissa. With its large number of Hindu temples, Bhubaneswar is often referred to as a Temple City of India. These temples span the entire history of Kalinga architechture.

Its unique sculptural and architectural heritage, coupled with the sanctity as Ekamrakshetra make this one of the five great religious centers of Orissa since early mediaeval days.


Bhubaneshwar is a year round destination, but the ideal time to visit would be from October to March when the rains are over and the temperature is just right. One can go to Bhubaneshwar in February for Shiva Ratri, in January to check out the fair - Khandagiri Mela, in April for Ashokastami, Ramanavami and Jhamuyatra and in November to witness Anla Navami. A word of caution about travel in summer – it is, extremely humid and hence an unnerving time for travellers not used to the heat and humidity.

How to get there by Air

The city has the only airport in the state. It caters to domestic flights alone, and regular commercial flights from Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.From the airport situated southwest of the city, there is no regular bus service to the city centre. The most convenient and comfortable thing to do is rent a car, in fact have it meet you on arrival at the airport. There are taxis and auto rickshaws that will take you to your destination in town.

How to get there by Rail

Bhubaneshwar is one of the two railheads in the state that are connected by trains to all the other metro cities of India like Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

How to get there by Road

The bus station at Bhubaneshwar resembles the Mad Hatter''s party with interstate and intra state buses arriving and departing and passengers travelling laden with everything from chickens to goats. The state run roadways buses leave a lot to be desired but some of the private ones are more tolerable, faster, less crowded and a little bit more comfortable. Scheduled buses to Calcutta and to Vishakapatnam in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh arrive at regular intervals. Driving oneself can be fraught with adventure, and renting a car has the advantage of getting a chauffeur who wears the hat of a companion and guide as well!

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